Newt is a Racist Dick

Just a quick video in which Rep. Gutierrez, from Chicago, completely destroy's Newt Gingrich's claim that Obama is the "Food Stamp President," including Gutierrez calling out Newt for his subversive race-baiting.


Fuck Sheldon Adelson

The casino mogul makes $3.3 million EVERY FUCKING HOUR.  EVERY HOUR.  and he's spending millions backing newtbag gingrich for the election.  our electoral system is so beyond fucked.  the wealthiest people in this country completely control our political system, and their grip on power is only going to get worse with the coming barrage of campaign money.  Citizens' United will prove to be the absolute worst court decision, in our country or any other, ever.  There is simply no justification for unlimited corporate spending on elections, other than the fact that republicans know they'll be able to cling to power by allowing it.


Fuck Republicans

republicans in the House of Representatives just had a documentary filmmaker arrested because he was trying to film a hearing over a controversial piece of legislation regarding hydraulic "fracking," the process by which giant oil companies destroy bedrock for natural gas, causing earthquakes and unknown environmental hazards.

apparently, trying to inform the public about the very real dangers of this process is not permissible in the eyes of these frigging cowards, which is surprising, given their supposed affinity for the constitution.  this is a blatant trampling of Josh Fox's rights, and the right of all Americans to be informed of what huge companies like Hailburton are doing to destroy the environment in the name of profit.  And yes, I consider that a right.

that's fucked up. but this should come as no surprise, since republicans have already been purchased by the industry.


Fuck the Waltons

Fuck the richest family in America, the Waltons, who have a combined net worth of $93 billion.  If they were a country, they'd be the 59th wealthiest COUNTRY in the world.  They earned a combined $2 billion on capital gains and dividends last year, which I'm sure you know by now are taxed at half the rate of income.  That's nearly 5 and a half million dollars EVERY FUCKING DAY; $3,800 every fucking minute.  That's how much money they make.  Every ten minutes, they earn as much as many families do in a year.

and under dickwad Gingrich's tax plan, they would save more than another $300,000,000 per year in taxes.

fuck the waltons, fuck newt gingrich, and fuck the entire republican (and most of the democratic) establishment that permits for, nay lauds, this shit.  this is beyond an obscene amount of money.  They could get rid of 99% of their net worth and still be worth $930 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS.  Meanwhile we've got half the fucking country needing some sort of government assistance, people starving across the globe, and countless millions of people homeless both here and abroad.


Fuck Mitt Romney

and his money-grubbing vulture capitalistic ass.  He made his $200 million fortune by fucking over companies, forcing way too much debt on them, and cutting jobs and literally stealing pensions right out of the working man's pockets.

this whole system is so fucking fucked.  how anyone could make such a fortune fucking over average people is revolting.  everything done in the financial sector of our economy is designed to benefit the extremely wealthy at the expense of everyone else.  Every fucking thing.


Hijacking Democracy

We've already begun to see the fallout of the disastrous Citizens' United decision in the form of Super PACs that are deluging residents of primary states with nasty political ads.  And as I've mentioned the other day, Republicans don't think there's enough corporate money in elections..  But I was pretty disturbed this morning to see these two articles;

First, a piece examining the top 20 donors of the political season thus far, combining to give tens of millions of dollars to these Super-PACs.  It should come as no surprise that a whopping 3 of them contribute to liberal groups, and the other 17 support republican causes.  Conservatives are literally purchasing the 2012 election.

Then there's an opinion piece in the NYT that discusses how these Super-PACs, like the ones run by Newt, Rove, and other conservative dickwads, are skirting regulations designed to increase transparency about who exactly funds these organizations.  In fact, they're doing it deliberately in order to prevent people in places like Iowa, NH, and South Carolina from knowing who is bankrolling the majority of the nasty political ads they see.

We need public financing of elections.  Yesterday.



The Republican National Committee wants to increase the amount of corporate money in elections.  I wish this was some kind of joke, but it's not.  They just filed an amicus brief in the 4th Circuit arguing that Citizens' United created an unfair, 2-tiered system of campaign financing.  Which it did.  But their genius/dick solution to this is to try to allow for corporations to just give unlimited amounts of money directly to candidates and parties.  Because they haven't yet completely drowned out the voices of US citizens.